Welcome to music at MRE!

Music at Mid Rivers Elementary is always an adventure! As we explore the world of music we also learn about ourselves - our talents and often unknown abilities. Do we sing? Of course! But, that is only the beginning of our musical journey. It is our great joy to offer students an opportunity to play many classroom musical instruments. We learn about music and composers from different musical eras. We consider many cultural influences and how music is an integral part of the lives of people everywhere. We learn that music is part of what makes us human. It is an expression of who we are, who we have been, and who we dream to be.

Each grade level has an opportunity to share music in special ways. Kindergartners learn so many new songs they will be sharing with you at home and play many classroom instruments for the first time. Kindergarten students will have an opportunity to make their own percussion instrument. Their year will be filled with singing and playing and moving. You will soon find yourself humming their songs, too!  In the spring we will be busy preparing for our performance of the Three Piggy Opera at Fort Zumwalt High School East Auditorium (more info on that later!).

First graders will be sharing their music time with Mr. Johnson.

Second and fourth graders will have an opportunity Zumwalt East High School Auditorium. It is so much fun for our students and their families to share music in this beautiful facility. Students will learn special music, play classroom instruments, learn riser choreography, and volunteer for speaking parts. Each second and fourth grade student has an opportunity to play a special role in our musicals. Fourth grade students will also be forging their way through our Recorder Karate program and playing a variety of folk songs on their own!

Third graders learn about the four families of the orchestra and their most common members. They will also explore our classroom percussion instruments and participate in a drum circle. Your third grader will participate in a fun and exciting unit with Peter and the Wolf composed by Prokofiev. There is an exciting flashlight activity in store for them after they have become familiar with the different characters’ themes! In the spring, they will have an opportunity to begin playing recorders and start our Recorder Karate program!

Our fifth graders start off their year with camp songs in preparation for Fifth Grade Camp! They will continue their recorder playing and incorporate recorders throughout the year even playing two-part compositions and composing songs of their own. One of our favorite fifth grade activities is creating our own music videos in the spring. Your fifth grader will help create the choreography and instrumentation to produce an original music video using a variety of school approved songs.

Dr. Curran
Music Teacher
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Music Teacher 
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