Physical Education
Mrs. Alagna: [email protected] 
Mrs. Kinworthy: [email protected]

Mid Rivers is not only an exciting school to attend but a school full of fun-filled, healthy lifetime skill activities in P.E

Throughout the year, our curriculum is based on the Missouri and Fort Zumwalt Fitness Standards for Elementary P.E. including all the strands of physical fitness and development for all grades. Every Fall and Spring, the Fitness Program is implemented to give students a chance to prove their cardiovascular, abdominal, upper body strength, and flexibility skills when tested in 4 main areas like the mile, push-ups, curl-ups, and sit reach.  
Our PE teachers use various lead-up games and creative activities comprised of all sorts of fitness and sport-related skills which direct our students toward organized sport like volleyball, soccer, football, tennis, baseball, basketball, hockey, name a few. Most importantly, we hope to instill the love of exercise and fitness in the hearts, minds, and bodies of our students allowing them to become the best that they personally can be...and enjoying every minute of it!