Bringing the Habits Home- Habit 3- 2021
Bringing the Habits Home - Habit 3: Put First Things First
Posted on 11/01/2021
habit 3

Habit 3®: Put First Things First, is a habit about priorities. We all juggle multiple hats in our lives, whether it be professional or personal, we need to develop habits that help us manage the day-to-day. Habit 3 talks in-depth about “Big Rocks” and “Little Rocks” in our lives.

“Big Rocks” are the most important things for you to do, such as spending time with your family or getting an education. “Little Rocks” are the less important things for you to do, such as watching T.V., or aimlessly searching the Internet.

So, whether Habit 3 is new to you, or engraved in your memory, let’s take a moment to reflect on this habit. We are going to practice Habit 3 as a school community by making time for family.

Habit 3: Making time for Family