Mrs. Melanie Luley

Mid Rivers Elementary  School Counselor

How May I Help You?

All contacts with a counselor are confidential as directed by the ethics of the American School Counselor Association. This means that any information disclosed during your contact with the School Counselor will be kept confidential.


What Do School Counselors Do?

Counselors Help Solve Life's Puzzles

School Counselors teach guidance lessons in each classroom once a month, using the Elementary Guidance Curriculum objectives. The curriculum addresses the following areas:

*Understanding myself and others   
*Learning to make good decisions

*Learning about the world of work 
 *Learning to take tests, study and set goals

*Getting along with others   
*Coping with personal problems



School Counselors facilitate small group counseling. 

Most groups last several weeks. Small groups  may cover topics


*Focus/ Mindfulness   
* Anxiety   
*Anger Management  


School Counselors facilitate mentoring between teachers and students.

Peer Mediators are students who are trained to help their peers solve conflicts.



School Counselors help teachers with students who are experiencing social, emotional, behavioral or academic problems.

*Counselors help teachers to develop behavior plans for students with behavior or social issues.

*Counselors assist teachers in brainstorming interventions for students who have academic difficulties.

*Counselors provide strategies for teachers to use when interacting with students with emotional issues.



School Counselors offer short-term individual counseling.

*Counselors meet with students individually to discuss personal issues.

*Counselors meet with students individually to help with issues that occur occasionally or one time.


School Counselors help families in need or crisis. These needs or crises could be financial, emotional or personal.

*Counselors find resources for families in need or in crisis.

*Counselors refer families to the appropriate agencies when they are in need or in crisis.


School Counselors initiate testing for Accelerated Education and Special Education as needed.